“It is so hard to pick one aspect of the lodge that was my favorite, everything was absolutely amazing!”
–Sidney Durrence Desimone- Bride

“Everything about Forrest Pond Lodge is just perfect. I had so many guests tell my mother and I that our wedding was the prettiest that they had ever attended.”
–Megan Brannen Mitchel- Bride

“I was extremely pleased with everything about Forrest Pond Lodge! All our expectations were met and exceeded. I am so very grateful we chose Forrest Pond Lodge for my daughter’s wedding.”
–Marlene Thornberry Mother-of-the-Bride

“It is so hard to pick one aspect of the lodge that was my favorite, everything was absolutely amazing!”
–Sydney Durrence Desimone Bride

“Patty and Thomas are so understanding and easy to work with. We were able to have all our wedding festivities on the property. The guys loved fishing on the wedding day. We were actually sad to leave the venue because we enjoyed being here so much!”
–Anna Zellnar Sizemore Bride

“We were very pleased with the accommodations at the lodge. It was so wonderful, as the bride, being able to wake up and get ready right next door to the venue. My husband’s little brothers were also able to go fishing in the pond, and they caught several fish, which just made their day!”
–Lauren Harris Clouatre Bride

“Enjoyed everything about the lodge! We used the lodge for the rehearsal supper, reception, lodging for guest, bridesmaids luncheon, and getting ready!”
Jodi Bennett Kirkland Bride

“Being able to rent the Lodge for accommodations and have out of town family stay with us Friday and Saturday was awesome. So many wonderful memories made.”
–Rachel Handcock Gordon Bride “

“Having the first dance with everyone blowing bubbles from the top and bottom floor was a moment we will never forget!”
–Monica Jones Key Bride

Forrest Pond was a beautiful place that really helped with the theme of the wedding. I loved the sunset over the water. Everything was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing!
-Brittany Boatright Lewis Bride

Forrest Pond Lodge is a wonderful setting. A lot of décor was not even needed and our pictures were beautiful. We had everything we needed on our wedding day.
-Ashley Williams Rowland Bride

Geese flew overhead down the center aisle, it was priceless and perfect! We have had so many people tell us how they enjoyed being at Forrest Pond Lodge and it was the best wedding they had ever been to. I really enjoyed every moment like I wanted to be able to.
-Alecia Waldron Mother-of-the-bride

Forrest Pond Lodge is very different from the other venues I had looked into. The water, beautiful trees and the venue itself is so gorgeous that I did not have to have many decorations because it already has so much character. I would recommend this venue to anyone looking to get married in the future. This venue had it all.
—Cynthia Brown Barnes Bride

The owners are wonderful and so accommodating. There is no way to describe their service and individual attention they provided us. The venue is breathtaking and guests were raving about the one of a kind atmosphere that was provided. It was one of my favorite moments.
—Katherine Holcomb Jackson Bride

Forrest Pond Lodge is beautiful! We really loved the simplicity of the lodge, allowing us to decorate and really make our wedding unique.
—Anna Leggett Faircloth Bride

The entire facility was BEAUTIFUL and perfect for the style of our wedding. As we spoke to guests at the reception, everyone commented on how wonderful The Venue at Forrest Pond Lodge was and that it was the perfect place for a wedding. We also loved all the amenities included in the price of renting a great place, such as tables, chairs, ice, and plenty of space for guests parking.
–Danielle Clary Herrin Bride

We really loved Forrest Pond Lodge itself. The grounds are breathtaking, but the actual facility was perfect and fit all of our needs. The reception room is beautiful, the porches are a crowd favorite, and the wooden table and bench area underneath provides excellent additional seating and entertaining spaces. Another huge plus was the ease of scheduling and kind nature of the owners. I enjoyed my overall experience working with them.
—Amber Montrose Carter Bride

We were so pleased with our choice of Forrest Pond Lodge. We searched for months for the perfect venue that would be comfortable for a large crowd and enough space to have the ceremony, reception, and dance. No regrets and would certainly recommend The Venue for any type wedding. We found it to be very versatile and beautiful.
—Rose Keller Mother-of-the-Bride

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